UPDATE: Why Vhong Navarro was beaten; the police blotter

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) is now doing an investigation regarding the incident of beating TV host/actor Vhong Navarro.

In the reports, it was found out that the comedian was reported and complained to Taguig police after having harassed a 22-year-old girl at Bonifacio Global City.

John Consulta, who also went to the police station, said that when he went to the office of Southern Police District at Bonifacion Global City, he saw a police blotter signed by Ferdinand Navarro himself, the real name of Vhong.

In the blotter, the incident during the night Vhong was beaten on Wednesday, January 22, at a condominium at Bonafacio Global City was detailed.

Also, it was stated that at 10:00 PM, Vhong visited the condominium unit of a 22-year-old female student, whose name is still withheld.

When the actor entered, the girl was shocked when Vhong immediately grabbed her arm and pulled her hair forcing her to sit down.

However, the girl fought back and ran to the room when she felt the motive of the actor. Then, Vhong headed to the room, forced her to lie on the bed and attempted to pull her shorts down.

Furthermore, the blotter says that the girl pleaded to Vhong to stop but he still went on top of her.

In the situation mentioned, the two friends of the girl arrived at the condo unit and rescued the victim doing the citizen’s arrest.

They brought Vhong to the police station to have the incident recorded in a blotter report, but it was stated in the end of the blotter that the victims will not file a lawsuit against the actor.

Moreover, through a document acquired from the security agency, it was proven that Vhong went to the unit on the said day, as well as the friends of the girl, who are also doing their self-investigation now.

It was also stated in the report that GMA News tried to get the side of Vhong but there was not reply until the incident was aired on the news.

However, Director Chito Roño, Vhong’s manager, announced last Friday that the actor went to the condo for the invitation of a girl friend.

Then, without any reason, Vhong was attacked by six men, blindfolded, beat and asked for money.
Currently, Vhong is recovering at a hospital.

“He has broken bones in his nose which will require surgery,” the doctor said. “We will continue his medications as of the moment and monitor for recovery.”

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